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Leather Chemicals Division is one of the few vendors in the world that produces all kinds of chemicals needed for leather products. We supply inorganic/synthetic preservatives, dyes, pigments, softeners, tanning and finishing supplements etc.


Application medium *) W = waterborne, S = solventborne

Beam house
Product name
Peltec AN2C (W)
Product description
Non-ionic degreasing agent,resistant to electrolytes and hard water, outstanding emulsifying and dispersing power for fats, fatty acids, metallic soaps, waxes and dirt of all kinds. It can be used in both the alkaline and acid pH range.
Preventol Z-L (W)
Sodiumdimethyldithiocarbamate, contents:40~42%, pH=9-10Preventol Z-L is stable to pH 7-13
Preventol WB Plus L (W)
p-cloro-m-cresol, 2 phenolphenyl and pyrithione, pH 10.5
It has broad specturm of activity against mold fungi that can damage leather.
Suitable for preserving wet blue, wet white, vege tanned leather
Peltec SE (W)
bacterial enzyme, hydrolysis unstructured proteins, degradation of albumin and globulin, speeding up the Soaking, very good rewetting in soaking, excellent biodegradability
Product name
Peltec UAL (W)
Product description
It is an environmental friendly liming auxiliary based on special organic alkali products. It offers advantages of good opening ups, relieves of wrinkles, reductions to growth marks without loosing the pelt substances to produce leather with better fullness. It effectively controls the pelt substances in the belly and flank areas to ensure good evenness of the whole hide/skin and to avoid looseness. pH=10~12.00
Blancorol BA-IN (W)
pH regulator, increases the pH in the soaking slowly and equally, no danger of pH peaks and alkaline swelling, adjusts the pH to 9,2-9,8, the optimum pH range for soaking and soaking enzymes
Peltec BG (W)
bacterial enzyme,optimum grain elasticity without the tendency of loose grain, compact leathers with a good inner softness, a round handle and a tight fine grain
Product name
Chromosal B (W)
Product description
Basic chrominum sulfate,Cr2O3 content: 26%, Bacisity aprrox 33%, Suitable for all type of tanning
Blancorol ZB-33 (W)
Zirconium sulfate,
ZrO2 content: 33%
Product name
Levaderms (W/S)
Product description
Anionic dyestuffs in aqueous-organic solution which can be used for through-feed dyeing and in the finishing for spray dying, special effect in top coats
Product name
Tanigan PAK (W)
Product description
Lightfast, anionic retanning material in powder form with a pronounced neutralizing and buffering effect and good dyeing properties. pH=6.8
Tanigan ISG, Tanigan PR,
Baykanol SL (W)
It is for levelling of dyestuff and dispersing for vegetable tanning meterial
Retingan R7 (W)
Anionic resin tanning meterial with low astringency and selective filling effect for retannage of all types of leather
Tanigan AN (W)
Replacement syntan for tannage and retannage of firmer leather with tight grain
Tanigan BN (W)
Replacement syntan for tannage and retannage for soft, full, almost white leather with mellow grain
Tanigan 3LN, Tanigan HO (W)
Non bleaching syntan for white leather where high lightfast and heat yellowing properties are required as well as for colored leather because of exellent dyeing and dry-drumming properties
Tanigan OS (W)
Anionic, synthetic, general purpose replacement tanning meterial
Tanigan CLS-50 (W)
Special syntan for the manufacturing of shrunken grain laether
Tanigan F (W)
Syntan for tannage and retannage of leather with high temper and good fullenss. Also it can replace to Chestnut
Tanigan VR (W)
Anionic, lightfast syntan for the tannage and retannage, suitable as replacement for vegetable tanning materials.
also it can replace to Mimosa
Levotan GTA-C (W)
Waterbone solution of glutaraldehyde which can be used in various steps of the leather manufacturing process
Levotan LB (W)
Softening and filling polymer tanning material based on modified polyamide carboxylic acid for the retannage of wet blues and vegetable leather.
Blancorol CGA-C (W)
Anionic, Special auxiliary for wet blue hides and skins. Sulfate free deliming agent. Suitable for application in the retannage of splits.
Leukotan 1093 (W)
concentration: 40% High solid acrylic retanning metrial for soft leather with tight grain and exellent fullness
Leukotan 970 (W)
concentration; 32%, Acrylic replacement syntan with an excellent softenning and filling effect,disperses vegetable extracts very well and promote uniform dyeing It has tanning capabilities
Leukotan 8090 (W)
concentration: 46%, Acrylic polymer syntan with a balanced composition of molecular weight to fill the more open and loose areas of leather, it supports a tight flat grain and it`s not plumping
Finishing agent
Product name
Primal SB-100 (W)
Product description
Solid contents:35%, Very soft acryl binder with high wet and dry flex, cold crack resistant, good print retension, fill and coverage and plate release
Primal SB-150 (W)
Solid contents:35%, Soft acryl binder with high coverage, good print retension and plate release for base coat
Primal 191 (W/S)
solid contents: 23%, Acryl copolymer based feel agent to obtain a pleasant, waxy surface touch, like as grip feel (specially for base ball glove and base ball)
Primal 863 (W)
Solid contents:35%, Soft acrylic emultion for impregnetion and base coat, Soft, tough, tack-free
Primal FGR (W)
Solid contents: 23%, Acrylic polymer for impregnetion and base coat with very good penetration power.
Aquaderm Finish LB (W)
Solid contents:37%, characterised in particular by good wet and dry rub fastness and cold flex resistance. improves the embossing properties and reduces tackiness on hot-plating and stacking to a minimum
Bayderm Bottom 10UD (W)
Solid contents:30%, Soft, non-tacky aliphatic P.U dispersion / It can be used as non-ionic P.U dispersion
Bayderm X-Tra Finish TV (W)
Solid contents: 20%, Medium Hard high gloss aliphatic P.U binder for base and top coat
Bayderm Bottom 50UD (W)
Solid contents: 40%, Medium hard aliphatic/aromatic P.U binder for base and Top coat
Baysin Lustre 2062 (W)
Highly transparent protein based binder, high glossy
Baysin X-Tra Luster P21 (W)
Solid contents: 12%, Polyamid protein binder, good for rub fastness
Euderm Luster L (W)
Solid contents:8%, Casein with wax
Euderm Compact UP-E (W)
Solid contentes:21%, Compact binder for base coat with very good for print retention
Euderm Nappa soft S2 (W)
Solid contents:26%, Anti tack and matting agent with filling effect
Euderm Paster KPS-C (W)
Cationic stucco
Euderm X-grade CGS2 (W)
Solid contents:32%, Acryl based stucco for corrected grain
Euderm X-Tra Oil L (W)
Solid contents: 100%,
Natural Oil to get slightly bunished effect and soft touch
Baygen Compact Bottom APS 2 (W)
Solid contents: 28%, P.U and Acryl mixed compact binder for patent leather
Baygen Compct DD (W)
Solid contents: 26%, P.U and Acryl mixed compact binder for patent leather
Baygen Hardener SN02 (S)
Solid content: 58%,
Polyisocyanate crosslinker for patent leather
Baygen Hardner LRF (S)
Solid contents: 60%,
Polyisocyanate crosslinker for patent leather with good light fastness
Baygen Top U 01 (S)
Solid contents: 71%,
Polyester based lacquer with excellent properties
Baygen Top TF (S)
Solid contents: 57%,
Polyester based lacquer with excellent properties to thermosetting
Baygen Deep Black R (S)
Solid contents: 57%,
Polyester based lacquer with excellent properties
Baygen Top White B (S)
Solid contents: 57%,
Polyester based lacquer with excellent properties to light fastness
Aquaderm XL-50 (W/S)
Solid contents: 50%,
Reactive aliphatic polyisocyanate cross- linker to improve overall fastness
Binder LS 3492 (W/S)
Solid contents:49-51%, reactive aliphatic polyisocyanate resin based cross-linker to improve overall fastness such as toughness, abrasion resistance, and cold crack resistance by crosslinking the coating film.
Acrysol RM 825 (W)
Solid contents:25%, Polyurethane based thickner
Rosilk 2229W (W)
Soild contents: 45%, Sillicone polymer emulsion for unique dry feel, excellent gasoline rubs,execellent taber value, white line and white break resistance.
Aquaderm X-Shield L (W)
Solid contents: 25%, Fluoroacrylate copolymer and adductive for anti-soiling leather
Aquaderm X-Shield G (W)
Solid contents: 40%, Fluorine containing copolymer for anti-soiling leather
Acrysol RM 1020 (W)
Solid contents:20%, Polyurethane based thickner
Product name
Chromtec GC
Product description
Cromtec GC: Chemical
Grain size:100 μm
Cr2O3: 10%
*The colourant is mixed with the clays before burning
*Colourants are based onmetals and their oxides and mixtures of them
*Cromtec GC can be used for „Grey“ coloured bricks


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