Strategically partnered companies

KhaiEL and NET have been in cooperation for more than 16 years and our relationship is still strong!
NET GmbH has a good reputation as chemical supplier with powerful R&D portfolios in European market.
NET GmbH specializes in water and heavy metal treatment and KhaiEL is dedicated to promote NET products in Asian market under the name KhaiEL.


ENA specializes in developing master batch additives for rendering of conventional plastics into biodegradable plastics in any conditions. KhaiEL is in cooperation with ENA as main additive formulator as we maintain a solid long term relationship and share the same vision.

Lantec Asia, Ltd

Lantec Asia is a trading firm that handles several commercial items. Lantec Asia and KhaiEL are cooperating in technology development and raw material sourcing.

Nefertiti Group Ltd

Nefertiti Group Ltd., founded in 2005 by Ms. Peggy Tang, specializes in artificial jewellery, and bag design and manufacturing. The brand name we are both trying to promote worldwide is Jay&Joy. Nefertiti Group Ltd’s sales office and showroom is located in Hong Kong and it’s factory is located in China.


Dr. Scharrenbach is a German Meister in water and heavy metal treatment technology. His experience from countless applications is monumental. He is currently leading NET GmbH in Germany.

Dr. C. S. Kang

Dr. Kang is a renowned scientist and an inventor who had developed the field of energy as well as its industry. He also has a myriad of ideas for water related technology with various applications.

Dr. Tim Dunn

Dr. Dunn is an inventor for ENA and has profound knowledge in biotechnology. He is also an expert in technologies related to environmental issues and currently leading ENA in the U.S.

Dr. C.Y.Wang

Dr. Wang is a professional sales and marketing consultant. He has admirable skill in strategic promotion of products.

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